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Building your Dream Home is our goal

Photo Gallery

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Ceiling 2011 What a Kitchen! Beautifully designed, installation moldings in kitchen, hallway,etc. 132495463 2012 Manhattan Complex Renovated entire Complex. This picture: Built new walls, light fixures, floor, etc. 157177247 2011 Manhattan apt. Owner called regarding ugly radiators. We created covers and more storage from wall to wall. Cover were made from scratch. 157179083 Door Wine Rack Handmade Wine Rack on door. Creative ideas for those tight spaces. 186454822 186454823 Stairs Straight, Spiral, etc. 186454825 Store Fronts Manhattan Store Remodeling, floors, walls, ceiling, store front. etc. 186454826 Law Office Total office remodeling: new floors, walls, windows, etc. 186454828